Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Make Solid $500 per month

How I make a solid $500 per month using Adsense! (This isn't a WSO, just my guide on Adsense Money Making!) Many of us are using Adsense to make some extra money which may go towards some projects or whatever. But most of the people using Adsense don't make their full potential. Il teach you how I make a solid and clean $500 per month using Adsense alone, on complete auto pilot (auto pilot meaning without any human interferance) One thing we all need to understand is that there are no shortcuts to making fast money. People expect to make money as soon as they start. But the simple truth is, you won't, and you never will. For me, it started of extremely bad. I didn't know where to start, having bought tons of ebooks and guides on Adsense, I still was nowhere. But I didn't give up. I didn't stop trying. There was plenty of trial and error, many and hundreds of mistakes but the great thing is, you learn from the mistakes. Now I've got something which works, and it works well every time. Using Adsense alone, I am making a steady $500 per month. (Some months I've made more and some less. Highest was $900). And this is all on complete auto pilot. There are no shortcuts to making money online and for this method, yes, it requires work and time. 1) Use Micro Niche Finder or any other niche finding tool such as Google keywords to find keywords and niches with low competition. That is vital. In Micro Niche Finder, choose keywords with consisting trends and make sure to get rid of and remove anything with higher than 25 SOC (Strength of Competition). Finally, make sure it gets at least 2000 local searches with the exact search. 2) Check the competition for the top 5 results. Check if those websites have any backlinks (they most likely will) - but check how many. If they have over 500-1000 backlinks, then remove the keyword, go back, and search and try again. If they have under 500 backlinks then stop and you are good to go. Obviously, the less backlinks it has, the easier and better for you to rank. So even if you found one with maybe 400 backlinks, go back and try and find one with less. 3) Get a domain with the keyword in it. Would be better if you could find an exact matched domain. Choose .com domains but if those are gone, then go for .org or .net. Don't go for anything else as that could affect your SEO later on. 4) Install Wordpress (you can use another site editor but this is the best). Install an Adsense ready theme and it doesn't have to be fancy or attractive. Just pick one. The more complex it is, the harder it is. My ones are nice and basic, and fairly simple. 5) Write an article about 1000 words (or less). You can buy a high quality article if you want as well. Make sure that the keyword density is 5% at the maximum. And also don't forget to have good on page SEO. (Title, H1 Tags and so on). You can use Traffic Travis which is a free program to analyze your website and it's on page SEO. Make sure they get ratings of A or A+. Anything lower needs to be worked on and improved. 6) On average, all my websites only have about 3-4 pages. Main page with the article, Contact us page, and Privacy policy. Make sure you have a Privacy Policy page as this is very important and it prevents you getting banned later. You can install an easy Privacy policy plugin if you want. 7) Put a 336 by 280 text ad under your title, a 300 by 250 image ad on your sidebar, and then a 468 by 60 image ad under the post. This is where we get the earnings from to your Adsense. 8) Now your website is ready and good to go. Just have to promote it now and get it to the first page for the keyword you chose. Build links. This is what I have done. Spin your article to at least 50% uniqueness and submit it to article directories and web 2.0s. You can buy services here which does this for you for a good price. Then do some social bookmarking, profile links, blog commenting and then finish it all of with a big scrapebox/xrumer blast so that your links get indexed. Or you could use SENuke yourself and do this automatically. There are services on this forum for about $75-250 which will certainly boost your rankings. Look for the reviews. Some services can get you to the first page, first spot in one go so that is worth a check. Do this if you don't want to do the link building manually and you have some extra money to spend. That is pretty much it. Build links, get to the first page. If you start dropping back, build links again. You would of made the money back by the time you start getting your Adsense earnings so all you need to do for your link building is use a fraction of your Adsense earnings. It took me a few months to get this all sorted and now I have about 20-30 websites making good 2 digits per day. You can do it too. Remember, there are no short cuts to making money. Sometimes, some things work better than others for you. For example, the best ad that worked well for Adsense was the 336 by 280 one. This ad will result in higher CTR. These ads will look like normal links and more people will click these links more often which is better for you in terms of earnings. Make sure the ads blend in with your website. Don't leave it to look like something external. If you have a website with a blue background, use an ad with a blue background as well so it looks as if the ad is part of the website and this will result in more clicks for you. These are a few tips which worked well for me and others who want to make some good money with Adsense. Pick and choose ads which are different to others and unique than what you already have. Make sure people would want to click on your ad, and not just an useless one. Make it worthy of a click.

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