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10 Mistakes to Avoid to Build A Profitable Micro Niche Blogs

In my last post I’ve explained what exactly a micro niche is. I’ve got many personal responses on that post. In fact, the number of questions is more than applause’s. They say most of them are familiar with micro niche, but they’re not able to make them profitable. So I decided to write this informative post as this might help all them and you. If you bychance haven’t read my previous article on micro niche blog click below,

What are Micro Niche Sites?

1. Selecting the market

In selecting the market, don’t go for those with fake promises. Just research and determine the future of it and look how hot it is. Proofread with all the changes that were made to the Google Algorithms. Keep in mind that you’re building a micro niche targeting traffic from Search Engines.

2. Eliminate Niche Silos

You’ll get several ideas rising up from nowhere. All these can definitely affect your micro niche. The major thing to keep in mind is that you’ve to focus only a particular niche. When you’ll do such, you’ll soon be the master. This can definitely impose your rankings.

3. Are you ready to attack?

Okay, so you’ve eliminated all the ugly niche silos right? So you’re ready to attack. But how to attack search engines? Yes, the answer is right keyword research and quality. Come up with well researched keywords and write unique quality stuff. Everything’s nothing without content.

4. Study again

Have you made the research regarding your market? Well, that’s a crucial part in building a PROFITABLE micro niche. Study the behavior of people whom you are planning to target.

5. Find the other source

As you’re building a micro niche, it’s not always possible to handle every aspect with your very hands. Most of the entrepreneurs are very busy these days, they don’t even have the time to write content and make videos to market.

So find people who can get all you required in the time and give them some bucks from your pocket. Then you can focus on what you can, leaving the rest to the person whom you’ve hired.

6. Not just unique, write relevant content

Many people have asked me “What is quality content?” I say content that attracts readers with no sense of grammatical and spelling mistakes with unique matter is quality content. But in our case, we’ve to write relevant content with quality. For example, what if I’ve targeted traffic on Hotels and I’m writing articles on Hospitals. So write only relevant content that attracts readers.

7. Start making money

So as a niche marketer, every one goal tries to make better income. So getting to affiliate market, choose the product that is relevant to your niche and that attracts readers to get it. If you’re selling ebooks, make sure the sales page is well written.

8. Building anchor text backlinks

I think you already know the importance of backlinks on web. They’re not just links, they mean a lot in SERP. But while getting them, target quality backlinks rather getting everything possible. So while getting backlinks ensure to have your primary keywords as anchor text in getting links so that the spider crawls right to your blog.

9. Build email list

Being a niche marketer, don’t just try to sell products. It might not work always. Start having an email list and ask them to join. Start giving something for your readers. Like I’ve a coupons niche blog, I started sending them all new coupons and soon I’ve got what I want. This will definitely work for you since they’re traffic from search engines.

10. Promote

How better your blog may be, without marketing its just nothing. The more the promotion, the better the results are. One of the best for doing this is guest posting and blog commenting. Promote your blog using your keyword as anchor text.

I think all this have helped you building all you want – a profitable micro niche. All the above have worked for me and hope they’ll work for you too. Share this post and subscribe, we’ve exciting things coming.

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