Saturday, 12 May 2012

Facebook is very popular social networking site used by everyone in the whole world. There are almost 901 Million active members who are using Facebook daily. Just because of its huge popularity, it has been counted among the best famous networking sites. It is hard to find any person who has not Facebook account these days. Facebook is widely famous among all generations in the whole world. In fact, most of the students, retired persons, house wives and many others uses internet just for the sake of accessing Facebook.

Facebook was only available for Harvard students as a network. But later on, it was expanded as a worldwide social networking site for everyone. Now it has become a part of our daily life. There are many features available on the Facebook but the often used ones are chatting with friends, sending messages, checking notifications, leaving comments and poking them. There are some Facebook keyboard shortcuts available which will help you to do these tasks more easily and quickly.
Below is the list of those Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts:

For Operating System (Windows) and Browser (Chrome) use key ALT +
For Operating System (Windows) and Browser (Firefox) use keys ALT + Shift +

11 Facebook Shortcuts are:
ALT +1 for opening your Facebook Home (News Feed)
ALT + 2 for opening your Facebook Profile page
ALT + 3 for opening your Facebook friends request page
ALT + 4 for opening your Facebook message page
ALT + 5 for opening your Facebook notifications tab
ALT + 6 for opening your Facebook account settings page
ALT + 7 for opening your Facebook privacy settings page
ALT + 8 for opening the fan page for Facebook
ALT + 9 for opening the Facebook rights and responsibility page
ALT + 0 for opening the Facebook help page
ALT + M for opening the send message dialog box for sending new message

Use these keyboard shortcuts to communicate more quickly. Whether these shortcuts prove helpful to you or not? Share with us your views via comments.

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