Saturday, 12 May 2012

Freelancing Tips To Write Better Article Content For Your Online Blogs

Writing for a website makes no difference than writing for a normal print. One must make sure that the online reader is not getting distracted by the abnormal placement of the keywords. The following tips help a content writer to increase the quality and efficiency of his writings. The online audience gets interest to read any topics in any sites or blogs if the content is good. The website is like a war ground that makes a person to battle continuously to get the attention of online readers. The disappointment creates hatred in one’s heart to be weak.

1. Write Short But Interesting Body Content

The online people have a short span of time to read any type of news or articles. They spend a short amount of time instead of reading the whole story. They also like to read only the headline of news or article that makes more interest or eye-catching. One must involve in approaching the inverted pyramid method. It makes a reader to get attention towards it. The writer must describe the important part of the story at the top region of a blog or article. The reader must not use the scroll bar to check out the remaining half of an essay, which is an important fact that all writers must notice.

2. Improve Headlines

The important concept of a story is the headlines. It involves mainly in the search for a keyword in any search engines. The attractive story or content will be visible in the social shares, blogs, media, email newsletters and RSS readers. The short summary of a story is a better headline that will be visible in all search engines. The reader must be able to understand the theme of the story by reading the headline at a glance.

3. Write Content Targeted To Your Niche Only
Presenting the content in a particular fashion is essential. It makes the content with an excellent description.
Add a table to describe the content if an article is too long.
Using sub-headings and titles make an article interesting.
Highlight the essential information in quotes.
Short paragraphs must convey only one idea.
Avoid using complex languages in the content.
Use the slang and humor in a perfect sense. It can also create a problem in other cultures or countries.
Check the readability test to grab the attention of people who does not have a fluent slang of English.
Use numbers to specify the points of the content to visualize easily.
Add some questions to the content to attain the interest of conversation.

4. Provide Ease Of Readability On Multiple Devices & Platforms

The content must be readable in different platforms and devices. Include some fresh data to revive the quality of the content. It increases the interest of the readers to refer it often. Spend time in creating a value for latest topics that might yield more number of visitors. Take an immediate effort and thought to produce useful content that makes use of many online readers.

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