Saturday, 12 May 2012

5 Reasons Where Most Of Blogger Fails at to Start Blogging

If you are a newbie blogger, you might feel blogging is very hard. As you don’t know how to maintain it, targeting, SEO like stuff. And if you are pro in blogging, still you feel the same – Blogging is not so easy. All this is because competition these days. The number of bloggers on the web is increasing more than the number of iPhones sold.

Here are few reasons why blogging is becoming hard?

Brand Name

So when you have finally decided to start a blog, you’ll start searching for a keyword rich branded domain and you’ll find all of them are taken. Just open that website, it might have expired or no one is using it or someone might have parked it. You feel the web has just missed an awesome domain.


Yeah! A few years ago, for people who run a blog, it’s very hard as they are no proper resources and webmasters to help them out. They have to increase their work time to get succeed. For this particular reason most of the bloggers left the job. But now, Blogging has gradually become a niche. People started blogging on How to Blog. You don’t have to waste your time researching things on Google. You can get your answer from the very first page result itself. And there are hands full of people who write on Blogging techniques. Though we have lot of guides even for starters, people still never utilize them.


In the preliminary days, there is no such thing like ‘Getting banned from adsense, is my site adsense compitable?’ Google just started ad marketing and launched adsense. At that time, just a single click gives you a full adsense account. Even a baby blog can get an adsense. But now, if you are familiar with adsense I think its not necessary to introduce you to its Terms Of Service. People can do anything just to have an adsense. And once they got it, they handle it with care. For bloggers, an Adsense account is more than a Girl Friend. A Girl Friend never gives us pockets full of money right? So people desperately try to get adsense approved. Even the Google has changed its TOS and made it much harder to get adsense. Even a simple mistake can ban your account. And there weren’t these number of PPC advertisers. The Publisher just chose major firms. Now people are confused what to choose? And when they have finally started using one, they may not like the results and immediately without a second thought starts using another PPC network. They’re losing nothing but a pocketful of pennies.


How companies like Google, Facebook etc could possibly hit the web? One of the important reasons is competition, followed by marketing, interface and idea like things. There were no such numbers of blogs those days. Only major news providers like CNN, CNET and others had their blogs to get the news on web. The era changed and many others rose including TechCrunch, GigaOm, Labnol etc. Now just start searching in your niche, you’ll find massive number of active blogs just in your niche. What if we unite all the niches? Yeah! The competition is growing more and more. I can’t imagine if Pete Cashmore has started Mashable in 2012.


While sleeping, you may have dreamt of a website with an ultra cool unique idea. The very next morning, you’ll start searching for some developments for that idea, rubbing one of your eyes. You’ll find someone else has already used the idea and what you have dreamt is no more unique. Whatever the idea, someone could have just got the same unless you belong to some Steve Jobs kinda people. Most of the websites that come up with something aren’t unique; they just follow what someone has already started. Why should people like Mark & Larry come up with something new? Just give it a thought…

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