Saturday, 12 May 2012

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid Being A Guest Blogger

I love to write guest posts to other blogs. They bring me into lime light and provide quality backlinks to my blog. It is considered to be the best source of getting quality links. So I decided to write this because guest blogging is important being a successful blogger.

1. Anchor Texts

I believe organic traffic is the best source to my blog. And for all those who believe, optimizing your content, blog is just waste of time; let me tell you, 70% of traffic to this blog is from search engines. SEO definitely matters when you’ve a good text anchored to your link on other blogs. Target relevant keywords in anchor text instead of using “Click Here”, “Visit my blog”. Studies on recent Google algorithm changes tell us that getting too many backlinks for a single keyword in considered to be a black hat. So try using few or more as keywords for your blog.
2. Landing Pages

Landing pages helped in converting browsers and accidental clicks into my blog readers and subscribers. Having a link to your homepage works, but linking it to a landing page will definitely work. Create an attractive landing page with cool relevant pictures, content or else you can also create a landing page on your new eBook.
3. Don’t just limit to a single approach

Let say, you’ve been guest posting a dozen articles every month only on famous blogs and they send you 200 visitors per day. Don’t just stick to them; if you can produce 12 articles for blogs like problogger, I think you can write more than 25 articles for smaller blogs of your niche (one each). And they’ll give you more than previous and all together you get more traffic.

4. Portfolio

How many of you have written posts for Darren Rowse, Copyblogger or any such big daddy blog? This really matters in building up your profile. If someone who knows you sees your name on a big blog, he’ll start trusting you and he might be your client very soon. If you do have a personal blog, you can add your achievements there. You’ll be a celebrity among your friends/neighbors.
5. Blogging without a plan

People just rush to make blogs because they’ve heard a friend/fellow blogger making $500 per month. They spend few weeks online and leave it dry without working constantly. The same matters here in the guest blogging, you’ve to make constant work and should have a plan to get your post published. We write for others because they’ll provide something we want. So you should consider all the things that can make your post look better (possibly the best). If you’ve been guest blogging from long, try submitting your post to Problogger, Copyblogger like blogs and know whether you’re up to them.

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