Monday, 3 December 2012

Four ClickBank Sites You Should NEVER Promote

ClickBank offers thousands of websites which are worthy of promotion and can lead to serious income. However, some ClickBank sales pages are not worth promoting at all. To be a successful affiliate one has to be able to weed out the good sites from the bad. One type of ClickBank sales page to avoid is one where the vendor has placed AdSense or other ads on the page. Another is a vendor who over promises their affiliates on success and their customers on satisfaction. A third is a product that offers very little commissions. Fourth are vendors with no support or contact info for their affiliates, or vendors who are unresponsive

It is common for websites to have banner ads or Adsense on them, but it’s unacceptable for them to be on sales pages. Having additional ads on a ClickBank sales page only demonstrates the vendors themselves do not believe in their own product. The vendor should be promoting their own product only and avoid having any links to 3rd parties on their sales page. Once you notice any kind of ads or Adsense on a ClickBank sales page you should avoid it completely.

Another problematic ClickBank site to avoid is one whose owner appears to over-exaggerate the offer to the customer, the affiliates, or both. Remember, if a vendor is deceiving their customers they’re just as likely to deceive affiliates as well. The good news is ClickBank has really cracked down on these types of vendors over the past few years. Unfortunately a few of them still slip through the cracks. If a ClickBank site you are considering promoting contains bogus or outrageous claims to their customers you can expect angry customers and high refund and chargeback rates. If the vendor’s claims for potential affiliate income seem too good to be true they probably are.

Make sure you use your common judgment and avoid promoting ClickBank sites that contain over-the-top hype, exaggeration, or outrageous promises.

The third type of site to avoid is one whose commissions are too low for you to make any real income. Use a ClickBank calculator to determine how much you will make per sale. It may seem like a good deal to be making 20% of a sale, but if the product is only $7 you’ll soon discover once you do the math you’ll need to make a LOT of sales to make any real money. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a trap many new affiliates fall into. Being lured into promoting a great product without thinking about your earnings first is a common mistake you should avoid.

The fourth type of ClickBank site to avoid is one whose owner is unavailable or unwilling to support, help, or advise their affiliates. If you cannot find a way to contact a vendor through their website or their affiliate page, or if they are unresponsive to your attempts to contact them, consider it a red flag.

Although it’s certainly possible and can still profitable to promote ClickBank sites without contacting the vendor, you’ll be in a much better position for the long term if you can get in touch with them. Not only is it beneficial to contact vendors because of the support or help they may provide, but you may want to work out some kind of joint venture, or other profitable venture down the road. Additionally, if you are in touch with the vendor you will be able to make sure you are alerted to changes or updates to their sales page or product.

The best vendors always help their affiliates and these are the sites you want to promote first.

Remember, ClickBank is a fantastic marketplace full of highly converting sales pages, honest vendors, and great products. However, there are some bad apple sites and vendors who just aren’t interested in having affiliates. Use the advice provided in this article to avoid the sites whose vendors don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care to have affiliates and ensure your chances of success!

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