Sunday, 2 December 2012

Free Clickbank ad Generating Software

Free Clickbank Ad Generating Software

How would you like to auto-convert contextually relevant keywords and key phrases on your web sites to profit-generating affiliate links promoting Clickbank products around the clock? Just let our fre
CB Text Ads Creator is a freeware program that will convert phrases and keywords in your html files into Clickbank affiliate hyperlinks and floatover ads just like many of the ads you see on blogs. There is no need to go through your site page by page to add your affiliate links one at a time. Our Clickbank Ad Creator will do it while you wait. Just choose your directory and let the software do its job. Within minutes, you will have a site ready to collect cash from Clickbank sales.
This software works with HTM, HTML, PHP, and ASP pages.
This software updates its database of Clickbank products whenever you choose.
It runs with human intervention but if you want you can customize the way products are matched to keywords and the colors of the text ads.
Its free, so get it now!
License: Freeware Price: $0 

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