Sunday, 2 December 2012

how to look like an IDIOT (and other useful tips!)

I messed up

 After using the Internet for over 12 years (that's 4380 days for those who are counting).

 I have YET to figure out how to send an email with a working link in it.

 Which is why the last email I sent you had a broken link.

 Doh! Sorry.

 Here's the video

 ==> Click Here 

 This video is good because he truly walks the talk and shows you on screen how he earns 5 figures on vacation armed with just his laptop and all sorts of weird tricks.

 Sickest part? He probably works half an hour a day, tops.

 Here it is (now with actual working hyperlink!)

 ==> Click Here

 Talk soon,

 Julia riche

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