Monday, 3 December 2012

How to Become a Top ClickBank Affiliate

Several years ago ClickBank created a program which recognizes and rewards their top affiliates. It comes with several perks including a dedicated account manager, access to ClickBank beta features, invitations to ClickBank hosted parties and events, as well as additional recognition and benefits.
For the past 3 years of 2009, 2010, and 2011 I have held status in this program which is now called the ‘ClickBank Premier Program’. Certainly being a top ClickBank affiliate myself would qualify me to write this article, but it’s what I’ve learned from other top ClickBank affiliates that has brought me continued success.
Each year ClickBank hosts various get-togethers (aka parties), as well as an annual event called the ClickBank Exchange. It’s at these events surrounded by other top affiliates and vendors where I’ve learned much of what it takes to be at the top. These are the keys I believe you must acquire to become a Top ClickBank Affiliate.
Start building relationships, they’re everything! – Once I started reaching out, connecting, and learning from other marketers my business benefited almost overnight. The relationships I’ve developed benefit me every day at this point. I’ve noticed the majority of top ClickBank marketers know each other in some way. It’s amazing to see them come together and instantly start connecting and helping one another. In fact, when you go to some of the ClickBank events and sit back and listen you’ll be astounded by the volume level as so many marketers are connecting and sharing.
Learn from others and be willing to pay. – When meeting and connecting with other top affiliates something I’ve noticed is their eagerness to learn. They realize in order to stay on top they need to be constantly getting the edge. Being able to leverage the experience and knowledge of others is the fastest and most effective way to get the knowledge you need to grow your business. I constantly see top affiliates paying to travel across the country, even the world, to attend various marketing events so they can learn from others.
Treat your affiliate business like a business. – Something else I’ve observed about the top Clickbank affiliates is they treat their affiliate business like a REAL business. So many people set out to make money online but don’t see it as a real business and I believe it’s this lack of vision holds them back from reaching the 6, 7, and even 8 figure income many ClickBank marketers are making. This doesn’t mean you need venture capital, an office, and 6 employees. It means you need a realistic and detailed plan, goals, deadlines, organization, and commitment.
Put in the required time. – When you start out with your ClickBank business you may only work a few hours a day or week, but if you want to get to the top eventually you’ll need to be working part-time and most likely full-time at your ClickBank business. This doesn’t mean you need to always work 40 hours a week, many top marketers don’t. However, most of the top ClickBank affiliates are working at their business as much as they can and putting in the hours necessary to make it happen.
You must fail. – Even the top ClickBank affiliates still have failures. I’ve seen it happen numerous times and if you ask any one of them they’ll tell you they were persistent. You’re going to fail at times, I promise, there’s no way around it. What separates those at the top from everyone else is they simply didn’t quit. Even as I write this, somewhere out there are future top Clickbank affiliates who are failing miserably, but eventually they’ll reach their goals.
Get started NOW! – One of the biggest reasons I don’t see people become successful on ClickBank is because they simply don’t put in a serious effort to get started. I can’t even being to tell you how many people email me to tell me they’re ready to get started, they want to do consulting, or coaching, or they simply want to tell me they’re super pumped about ClickBank and going to be a top affiliate. Then I never hear from them again, they disappear into the quiet void of a broken dream. Please don’t be one of those people.
I remember in college a friend told me something I’ve never forgot. He said “Doing homework is easy; all you have to do is start. Once you start you’ve already done the hardest part, now all you have to do is keep going.”
I’ve applied my friend’s advice to so many things through the years from working out, to work in general, and he was right. Getting started is the hardest part, once you’re going you won’t want to stop and it will be easier to keep going. So if you haven’t already, get started now!
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